can a bad idler pulley cause rough idle Aug 25, 2015 · 93 Civic driving down road in 110 degrees weather and then loss of power. The idle speed may be too high at one moment and then too low at other moments. 9 Sometimes the idler pulley can begin to rattle a bit, the noise is most often associated with the the idle pulley damper mounts. Sometimes a slipping belt can cause a decrease in power or a bad drive belt tensioner can also cause a belt to slip. Put the same belt back on. Otherwise drives just fine. Notice how it looks tilted. Recommend motor vac service (Their vac service cleans the injectors). Sep 25, 2019 · Drive Belt Idler Pulley by Hayden®. i'm sure under load i'd really cause it to smoke. Apr 14, 2011 · It has a rough idle and only smooths out at 2000 RPM or above. Slight misalignment can cause rib wear that results in squeaking/chirping. I then removed white idler wheel and bearing and removed and replaced the idler arm and shaft on the motor. Jul 07, 2019 · 1) Damage to the Pulley. If you take the belt off - spin the pulley by ‘hand’. I will redo the installation on Saturday and replace the water pump while I'm at it since you have to remove the timing belt to replace the water pump. EGR valve if it has one. Another symptom of bad or failing drive belt tensioner is failure of the belt driven accessories. If it feels rough or gritty, then the bearing is bad. Intake leak. I didn't tighten the belt enough that it caused it to squeal. 270610 "as is", and I think the guy had done something to mask a problem with the drive belt. $31. 10. A rough or unstable idle can also be caused due to an intake manifold vacuum leak. You may want to check the idler by spinning it by hand with the belt off and checking for any wobble as it turns (like checking a bicycle wheel on a trueing stand). Replace a faulty pulley with a I do not have a intermittent rough idle problem during cold or hot starts. The idler pulley turns the belts at a very high speed and this causes wear and tear. The wiring on this sensor is long and tends to fall down and hang close to the ground where it eventually catches on something and is ripped off or damaged. Rough idle will always happen within that 1-3 hour window. Many cars use the idler pulley to route and align the serpentine belt, which spins on a pulley was growling a bit (sounded more like a roller skate wheel). If it is not tight enough, or worn it is not able to run as smoothly as needed to keep the engine running smooth. Best of luck figuring yours out. After it's warmed up it goes back to a mild squeaking in say 5-minutes and when it's been driven for a while and is fully up to temperature it's totally silent (engine idle sounds exactly like it did brand-new). I take it that the idler pulley and the tensioner pulley is the same. The cam phasers on the 3V 4. I did pull and check the IAC and it was perfect. sensors) determines the vehicle is being driven on a rough road. Misalignment of the timing belt can cause premature failure of the idler pulley or the pulley on the   8 Apr 2017 Still getting the misfire with a cruddy stumbling idle from cold start. Also have a weird belt or pulley noise i bought the car noise free and a little driving and a noise came from where the belts are. I pulled the codes with my Durametric software. Honda dealership stating that the idle tension pulley caused the fraying of the belt not due to poor workmanship by their mechanics. Dec 19, 2011 · There should be a spring that pulls that idler bracket back when you release the pedal. May 09, 2017 · This pulley deals with engine vibration directly which can cause the bearing to fail producing a squeaking noise that follows engine speed. A faulty idler pulley can cause damage to the belt and cause components to not work properly. 10 Dec 2018 As such a bad or failing idler pulley can give you the following symptoms. Developed the noise at about 28K. However, there could be more than one idler pulleys in some vehicles. The idler pulley is to dampen/prevent belt oscillations along that length of belt. Subaru forester rough idle Subaru forester rough idle. The items listed above are the most common causes of a rough idle. You’ll hear noises throughout this process, so it won’t just happen out of the blue. Try this troubleshooting guide from Auto Zone for a 2000 truck. Spin the idler pulleys by hand; they should spin free and easy. 5l has always had a bit of a rough idle, where the engine kinda sounds like its surging. Possibility that one of them is crooked causing the idle pulley to squeak cuz it is pulling the belt at an angle. My thinking is that the bad pulley is providing too much resistance to allow the car to idle properly. If the idler bearings are worn too far, the idler roller will tilt slightly and start wearing a groove into the tensioner arm. How to Know if Your Dryer's Pulley Is Broken. Morning commute to work, stopped at 2nd signal light, noticed that the idle was super rough, thought it was going to stall. It does not harm the engine and can usually be heard only at idle so if yo can live with it, great. An idler pulley is basically a pulley housing with an integral sealed bearing pressed in. A vacuum leak can be the cause of your P1506, P0171, and P0174 codes. Alignment is Key. Rough idling can also be caused by uneven air and fuel mixture ratios. Air Temperature Sensor – This one of a few things that can cause rough idle and sluggish acceleration (especially when the car is cold/colder it seems) This sensor is located down low (on the driver’s side) in the cutout air duct in the plastic just under the front bumper. At first I thought that maybe it was the road, but when I applied the gas, it was really bad. While this part may not wear, or be known to wear, as quickly as a traditional idler pulley or belt tensioner, balancers do in fact wear and eventually must be replaced. SOURCE: Can a bad idler pulley on a 1997 saturn with a 1. Check for broken vacuum hoses or a defective intake manifold gasket. If any pulley wobbles, feels loose or feels rough or binds when it is spun by hand, it could also be a source of noise and should also be replaced. At AutoZone, for instance, a complete kit, including the idler pulley, can cost $75 to $130, but the idler pulley on its own will cost $17 to $35+. Rough or Unstable Idle Due On the 07 and new Land Rovers an unstable surging idle is often due to a maintenance required from a dirty throttle body. Filter. Engine Misfire or Rough Idle on GM 4. More often than not, it is actually the tensioner that goes bad, not always the belt (unless it is really old). The idler pulley only maintains tension on the serpentine belt. Once you hit about 800-900 RPMs, it completely goes away. Nov 11, 2011 · Belt coming off: Pulley misalignment, belt misalignment on pulley, defective tensioner, or bearing wear in tensioner, idler or driven accessories Belt noise can be hard to isolate, as the sound may seem to be coming from an accessory drive, such as the alternator or air conditioning compressor. Poor alignment is the number one cause of belt noise. The noise is most noticed at idle, usually after the engine has warmed up. Dec 08, 2014 · I think that was causing the rough idle. When the mechanic first replaced the idler pulley, he placed a washer in place of the bushing and locked up the pulley and peeled the paint off of it. The Gates replacement tensioners/pulleys available at NAPA and Gates dealers are upgrades to the factory parts. If I drive before it is completely warmed (needle in normal range), I get blue smoke when accelerating. This can be slightly different depending on which car engine you have. There are a few other things that can cause serpentine belt noise tho so before you replace the belt check the following: -The bearings in the tensioner and idler pulleys can go bad. Causes of a Bad Alternator. The idler pulley accounts for about half of all tensioner failures. And if your experience with them is correct - that they don't rotate properly and make a noise even when cold if they're bad - then it's beyond me why they didn't notice the problem any of the times I've been in there recently (especially when they Dec 22, 2015 · Loud Whistling and Rough Idle. 3. Oxygen sensor. Here are some common reasons. -replaced idler pulley bad idle valve, fuel pressure problems, etc will cause the engine to run rough or stall because the computer can't do anything to The most frequent and common engine noise comes from drive belts. 1 - 3 of 3 Jul 29, 2020 · Idler Pulley. If the belts become too loose they could oscillate enough to either hit each other or come off the other pulleys. Erratic idle may be due to the injector leak in your engine. 1) Bad pulley system. I've always thought it was a timing idler type pulley just making noise. Something is causing the bearing on the pulley to continue to go out. It makes no difference if the AC is on or offit's a different noise than that of a loose belt. 8. If the AC works fine out on the open road and does the slugging when going slow or idleing. That is why if you look at the engine belt while the engine is running at idle, it should move smoothly along the system. At slow speed or idle, heat causes the pressure to rise too much in the AC gas which tries to make the compressor lockup. Increase Alternator Output and Cooling with Pulley Size 6 Groove Pulleys shown above , L-R: 2-3/8" diameter, 2-1/4", 2", and 1-7/8" Yes, you can increase your alternators overall output as well as increase power output at engine idle speeds. If that spring is broke or missing that can cause the problem you have. Aug 14, 2018 · RepairPal. Plastic idler pulley appears to be worn on belt tracking area - may be due to Tensioner vibration during engine idle is excessive - tensioner damper may be worn If it's hard to turn, feels rough or rattles, replace pulley assembly. Tensioner appears ok. It "threw" a cam belt idler pulley and I put a new belt & pulley on and timed it to the marks. When I took the pulley into the dealer he said they are replacing them left and right. This has been the case with many members. Would love to know the name or part number and torque specs. I took some pics of the pulley smoking, it's not bad at all, but that's only at idle. rough/seized bearings), or show by relative slip between the belt and pulleys. Just can't figure out why or if a certain amount of bounce is normal? Mar 26, 2009 · That's definitely your idler pulley. Jan 12, 2006 · So do the job right and rough up the pulleys AND replace the belt at the same time. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Yes, a bad belt or tensioner can be related to a rough idle. If the tensioner is worn, the belt will slip and then catch suddenly. Repetitive squeaking indicates the belt is not running true, and prolonged squealing means that the belt is overheating. Vt commodore rough idle and bad vibrations. Here is a picture of my idler pulley highlighted with the red box. Same misfire codes as before. When an idler pulley begins to fail it will create a squeaking or squealing noise, which over time can progress to a scraping or thumping noise. I have a random misfire at idle, so far I have seen it on cyls 1, 2, and 3. No misfires, just Bank 1 P1371, P1351, and P1352 codes. There are parts called idler pulleys, but they are actually pulleys. When I come to a stop, it kind of spits and has a rough idle, but it hasn't stalled. Also, to make sure that the drum turned correctly, I removed and replace the blue front glides on the bulkhead which was the cause of the white idler wheel and idler arm and shaft going bad. 1. The car dies at low RPMs especially in gear. Mass airflow sensor. I m new to this site. In summary: The OEM tensioner pulleys lasted 17K miles and another 1,500 miles with the 4lb Metco lower that I have. 13 May 2013 Generically, the number one cause of rough cold starts is dirty throttle bodies. Who knows, I'm not an engineer. Causes: Low belt tension; Low Belt passes over the new idle pulley and passes over the edge of the  1 Nov 2019 Rebuilt Transmission Installation · Rough Engine Idle · Serpentine If a serpentine belt is broken, it can lead to a sudden loss of power What are the Symptoms of a Bad Serpentine Belt? The serpentine belt loops around the air conditioning compressor, the idler pulley, the power steering pump, the  It would have started fine a few times (especially if it is in mild weather, and not much night-time driving, just by using the battery power). In rare circumstances, your idler pulley may suffer damage because of an accident, even if it’s a minor one. This is the result of the belt and pulley not working correctly, low belt tension or belt  Paying attention to idle pulley noise is vital because the condition can turn from bad to worse in no time. Outside that window, truck starts fine every single time. As for the clanking around at idle, its your timing chain rattling. Unfortunately it still runs the same, rough idle for around a minute until the check engine light flashes and increases the revs to around 2k rpms. I've spent quite a bit of time looking through the threads here and you guys really seem to know your stuff. Firstly the bearing can go 'dry' causing the idler pulley to sound noisy or rough running rather than smooth. Four months ago, I came to a stop at a red light and noticed the idle was rough. There is a vacuum hose (shown in the pic) that is VERY common for "falling off". New part's installed, bad part couldn't keep up, has gotten worse. When cold, it sounds like it is missing on a couple cylindars, and has a very rough idle (almost to the point of stalling. To check the idler pulley bearing remove the serpentine belt and spin the pulley by hand while listening for a bearing squeak or squeal letting you know the idler pulley bearing has gone bad and needs to be A common problem with Mercedes-Benz cars, is the idler pulley (also known as Guide Pulley or Sheave Pulley) failing as early as 100,000 miles. It is important to know that pulleys are not the same as idlers. The diodes of the alternator can go bad, failing to transmit the required voltage. Replacing injectors is not going to be Consider the possibility that the noise is coming from the idler pulley, not the engine coolant pump. All pulleys should turn freely with no binding, roughness or wobble. When the vehicle engine misfires, the vehicle is will begin to rough idle often. It's how they spin that is the tell-tell sign of whether or not they are bad. Because the idle control valve ensures that your engine idles smoothly, a faulty idle control valve will cause your idle to either jump up and down in RPM or get stuck at too high or too low RPM. Aug 14, 2019 · How long can you drive with a bad idler pulley? Most engines have one idler and one tensioner pulley, but some units may have more than one idler pulleys. Since a bad timing belt can put a damper on the firing rate of the engine, it will likely cause Are you experiencing rough idling from your engine? 18 Mar 2016 The accessory belt is carefully spread out along tensioners, pulleys and other parts. I have 4 more days until I receive my payroll check, which will give me the opportunity to get it into a The idle will dip down from the normal 700 RPM down to like 200-300 RPM, shoot back up to 800, and then back down. Nov 25, 2019 · 4) Idler Pulley Misalignment. Last week my pulley on the spindle wore through all the teeth. The misfire is only at idle (~800 RPM) and if I just touch the accelerator to get it up to ~900 RPM it runs fine. Be careful not to nick or gouge the pulley, as this will case accelerated belt wear. A worn idler tension pulley can also cause a clicking/ticking sound as the belt spins. This would cause the computer constantly attempt to re-idle and creating a rough idle. This started 2 I know all of the rough idle that engine itself can make. The Symptoms Of A Bad Idler Pulley. Mar 08, 2020 · i'm pretty sure the dogbone mount/insert isn't going to cause the engine to surge or vibrate at idle unless it ends up being stiffer than stock. With the rough idle, the white/blueish smoke is excessive. Save Share. To cause (a motor, for example) to idle. Changing the idler pulley on a Mercedes-Benz is a relatively easy job for most DIYers and required less than two hours. But that manual costs $170. Also, decoupler pulleys wear out, causing excessive noise and a no-charge condition. Once the idle smooths out, the smoke stops and then it is fine. Check with one of the forum vendors You can also use GM Parts Direct or Rock Auto. You will need a specific pass thru spline socket, and hex key to do the job. If the noise is coming from the tensioner, it is time to replace it. ATF change is always a good thing to do if you have an automatic. A chirping sound may be coming from the lower timing belt area. No leaks that I have seen. I have replaced the plugs, wires, and coil pack, no luck. It is getting too hot under the hood for the AC compressor. Quite loud from inside and outside of the vehicle. Can a loose timing belt cause rough idle Can a loose timing belt cause rough idle Mar 09, 2015 · Possible Cause Recommended Solution; Belt tension too low. it's been normal for me. How Many Idler Pulleys Does an Engine Use? Most engines have just one idler pulley and one tensioner pulley. If the belt is even slightly loose - it’ll squeak / chirp everytime it slips on the pulley. So. My Silverado was breaking AC belts. It is generally located next to the drive motor. 7 out of 5 stars 55. I have an 02 325 and a while back the SES light came on and threw code P0171. . New pulley but it still bouncing around then it sounds like something is vibrating loose or tearing up. So after changing the idler pulley, and the tensioner pulley, the problem is solved. Vehicle is running poorly, or rough idle Bad bearings make a high pitched “ whine” or “growling” noise after the engine has been started. I just had my timing belt done and I think the But in most cases, the cause of the noise is a bad idler pulley. Any noise that sounds like a squealing, whirling, or chirping might be a sign that the tensioner is weakening. Lots of tensioner and idler pulleys have been identified as a problem, and it can effect either system. Oct 28, 2010 · If that noise is the idler pulley going bad, then this is not a recent development by any means. Check the pulleys while you have the belt off to see if you have any bad pulleys. I have a engine light on for 02 sensor and i hear a sound Which sounds like a pulley on the passenger side. May 05, 2020 · The drive belt is responsible for turning the pulley on the alternator. If the surface of the idler pulley wears, or the pulley seizes or binds it may cause the engine belt to squeal as a result of it rubbing against the surface of the pulley. The rough idle only shows up when semi-warm. Whenever I'm at a drive thru or at a stop light when the brakes are engaged. This can cause a rough idle can set diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0300 and codes for lean and rich operation. After you remove the serpentine drive belt, rotate by hand the engine coolant pump pulley as well as the idler pulley, to see which feels "rough". Objects can get really into the pulley and hard to see. 12 mm I. At the beginning of this season, (March) i replaced the entire thing with a new one. Misalignment and bearing wear can cause the belt to track off-center. Feb 20, 2020 · Any problem in the system will create idler pulley noise, indicating there is something wrong with the pulleys. Here's what I'm thinking. I put on a new white idler wheel and bearing. Nov 05, 2020 · Replacing a timing belt is one of those things that scares most car owners because it is an in-depth job and usually quite expensive when done at a shop. Use fuel stabilizer to keep the gasoline fresh. Worn out idler pulley. This will cause the belt to wear quickly. Sep 04, 2019 · If unrepaired, pulley will seize. Gritty material ground between belt and pulley Clean pulley face and pulley side of belt by brushing and wiping. I am asking dealership to consider assisting in payment because The day the belt went out The car had been serviced for a oil change. Not a great theory but it's possible. Engine timing off. I can't speak for your issue, but whatever was wrong with my Metco crank hub was most definitely causing the bearing inside the idler to go bad/make noise. That drive belt spins around the idler pulley, which is bolted to the It idles rough not really bad but enough to hear it. May 05, 2020 · Rough idling. Check and adjust the valve lash on the engine if you find low cylinder compression. To make or cause to be unemployed or inactive: layoffs that idled 1,000 factory workers; a plant that was idled by a strike. Belt slips on pulley causing wear Adjust take-up tension until slippage ceases. I replaced the pulley and both belts when I did mine, I think the parts were about 50 bucks and it took less than an hour. Check the size of the pulley on your alternator. The fast moving Bad Boy Mowers Parts typically consist of belts, blades, deck wheels, dust covers, oil drains, PTO clutches, pulleys, service kits, spindles, and springs. 8 Jan 2016 Usually a bad or failing idler pulley will produce a few symptoms that can notify the A broken or seized pulley can quickly lead to a torn belt, or in less the Check Engine Light coming on, bad gas mileage, and a rough idle. There are a number of issues that can cause your vehicle to have steering problems, but one of the most specific components you should be regularly checking is your idler arm. This unit cause a metallic screech when the engine was running. 88 $ 31. Free Same Day Store Pickup. Seems like I need to replace my idler pulley. If a chain guide has broken, the chain tensioner can overextend and rotate, changing the timing of the affected camshaft. I have a 2006 Lincoln LS with 118,000 miles (V8 engine). After changing the idler pulley and putting in yet another tensioner the problem has been solved. This is the pulley to the left of the idler. Now its all the time. I like the manual timing belt tensioner theory. the only pulley's I was installing new motor mounts, a crank seal, and when everything was buttoned up the car idled rough, began making a screeching noise, and totally died one block later. Damaged bearing or pulley. But I guess you need to know what you're listening for! Failing all this, sometimes the ECU software can become corrupted (especially if people jump start cars) and may require a simple idle reset of your software. General Motors review from Frederick, Maryland with 122 Comments: I have experienced nothing but issues with my Equinox. e. Which may have caused wear to the belt tensioner. a front desk clerk at a repair shop told me not to drive the car. As I have mentioned, the idler pulley is located between the motor and the dryer belt. If the idler pulley is not functioning properly, the alternator doesn’t recharge the battery enough so it doesn’t have enough energy to run the ignition. Any of these things can cause the rough idle. Here's the link. Sep 12, 2020 · This improper shifting can cause the idler pulley to be misaligned with the serpentine belt, so the belt squeals and wears down quicker. Its not safe to ignore the noise because the bearing may catastrophically fail. rough/seized bearings), or show excessive wobble / free rock; Power steering pulleys are a very common cause of misalignment Jul 15, 2010 · driving with a bad belt tensioner thats squeaking and rattling. Dec 10, 2016 · I have a 2008 Cayenne S with 70k that is stock. The sound is most noticeable at idle, and can best be heard by listening from the front air intake with the hood down. Over 100km later and still going strong. I just bought a 99 300m with 3. Look at the image below. In my case the idle pulley (roller) had gone bad and was the culprit. Can be heard at idle and low speeds. But I tightened up everything I could and put new belt on it too cause I thought belt was just too loose. This condition will not occur when the engine is warm. Idler pulleys are also often used to press against the back of a pulley in order to increase the wrap angle (and thus contact area) of a belt against the working pulleys, increasing the force-transfer capacity. This code can lead you to the cause. Modern vehicles are equipped with an efficient fuel injection system and an advanced ignition system. Mar 28, 2012 · Hi, I recently bought a Craftsman 917. That will make a scraping sound. Take the vehicle to an auto fix-it shop when the noise is  22 Feb 2012 This squealing sound only happens at idle and only when it's cold, although lately it's My other thoughts: Alternator or Idler pulley. At that mileage, definitely change the belt and the tension and idler pulleys. should i be worried? Driving with a bad belt tensioner (luxury, idle, best, Audi) - Automotive -Sports cars, sedans, coupes, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, tickets, dealers, repairs, gasoline, drivers My car making annoying whine sound. 1 - Audi A4 Oil Leaks, Cam Chain Tensioner Gaskets and Seals. The tensioner and idler pulley bearings can be checked by removing the belt and spinning the pulleys by hand. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Serpentine/Drive Belt A failing alternator belt can cause the Battery Light to turn on, dimming or flickering lights in the car,  A failed tensioner can cause the belt to break or fly off the drive, resulting in a breakdown. I torqued the crank bolt down to 130lbs, double checked that the pulley was Can a loose timing belt cause rough idle Jun 24, 2014 · Harmonic balancers do have many names, though, such as damper, crankshaft pulley and crankshaft balancer, among others. A "hunting" idle is a sure sign of too much A bad pulley can cause fraying on the edges of the belt, and in severe cases can even cause it to break. The idler pulley went bad on my truck as well, it was a metal scraping noise, and it sounded all around bad. Clogged injector or injectors. If it is running slightly off above idle, it could be spark plugs/wires/coils (of which it would only be one of the eight of each and then just not functioning at 100%) or an injector might be partially clogged. It was obviously coming from the Serpentine belt (which had been replaced about 3 months ago). I'd check them, in order. The second pulley lasted 600 miles. Nov 04, 2019 · An engine idling too high can be annoying. May 09, 2020 · A faulty idler pulley can be the reason behind rough idling. Rough idle. Spray the belt ribs with water and see if it goes away. FILTER RESULTS. 4. But there are many other elements under the hood that can cause this problem. The idler puller provides tension to the drum belt to prevent slippage when the dryer has a load in it. Cost is possibly $3000. ACDelco (662) Belt Component Kit (172 V belt idlers, flat idlers, sprocket idlers, deck idler pulleys, blade spindle pulleys, heavy duty cast iron pulleys for lawn mowers. The purpose of the idler pulley is to facilitate the serpentine belt routing – either to route it around an engine obstruction or to wrap the belt around an accessory pulley more fully in a way that improves its bearing surface and grip. Intake leaks often also cause rough idling. Correction Replace the idler pulley assembly. New timing belt, idler pulley and water pump replaced 5k ago. An engine without a belt can  9 May 2020 If you look at the belt when the car is running at idle, it moves quite smoothly along A faulty idler pulley can be the reason behind rough idling. I can still feel it if I raise the rpms up a little around 1000-1500. pinterest. Sorry for the late reply, hopefully someone else may be able to help with the rough idle. As has been mentioned earlier, they undergo a lot of constraints being the ones responsible to convert the energy in the engine to be delivered to the various components of the vehicle. Im going to purchase the manual if folks here dont know what its called. I tried to crank it over and it won't start. Guard against spillage between belt and pulley. This You can feel some of the bearings grinding a little. It came on about a year ago, I unplugged the negative from the battery for 15 min, and it was fine since. Rather than replace the whole tensioner assembly, I belive I can replace just the tensioner pulley. If I blipped the throttle, the truck would almost die. if it really is pretty bad, you can always look into getting a new MAF. My old alternator was bad, i could hear the bearing when i could turn it by hand, only problem is that it has If so then probably tensioner pulley or waterpump pulley bearings are going. Any noise, rubbing, wobble or other signs of unevenness indicates a bad idler and needs to be replaced. like under-performing water pump, which can cause the engine to overheat. It worked the first 2 times I mowed my 1/2 acre yard, then the drive belt slipped off. If you notice that it is somehow wobbling or moving from side to side, then you’ve got a really bad idler pulley. This part is actually a spinning wheel, so it can start wiggling or losing traction, which may result in a squeaking noise. This had solved the rough idle issue for me when the A/C is on. In parallelogram steering linkage systems, which are the most common form that vehicle steering racks take, the idler arm is one of three pieces that fit between four tie The engine makes a relatively loud (clearly audible), slow, rough rattle. 0L H6. I am running a VMP 90mm idler. Replace a faulty pulley with a quality replacement from Hayden. Apr 26, 2007 · I recently had my deck idler pulley go out. Jul 21, 2013 · But then today, as I was driving down the road, my truck felt like it was bogging, so to speak. Jump to navigation . 3 May 2012 Is there a chance I overtightened the idler pulley? cold and above idle the torque of the motor can spin it all ok, but at idle the belt freezes is not spinning the alternator to spec might cause a weak spark and effect idlebut i mean don 't mess with me, I am a bad ass that knows Latin and greek phrases! 17 Sep 2012 Or the squeaking noise could be a timing belt idler roller. Don't leave it running too long. These faulty gears wear out prematurely, excessively, and without warning, causing the vehicle to Order GMC Sierra 1500 Idler Pulley online today. Aug 27, 2013 · In this image, you can see that the bearing has worn out and the idler roller is severely damaged. May 06, 2013 · As far as maintenance goes, engine air and cabin air filter. Have found the Dayco 89169 listed as a "tensioner/idler" pulley. Idler pulley is a common problem with our older cars. 5L. If the pulley bearings are worn out, it makes a rough, dry rattling sound. Because of its high-speed rotation, increased friction may cause the dryer to squeak or squeal as the idler pulley starts to wear. 0 sohc tapping sound and slightly rough idle Hi everyone. Could just be an idler pulley causing the noise, but if a bearing fails in a pulley and the belt comes off ot could cause damage. Many of the engine’s accessories, such as the alternator, water pump, and AC compressor, can be belt driven. 1) Engine Misfire. Initially I thought it may be bad gas so I got some fuel injector cleaner. 2. Ive almost never had truly balanced blades but to cause the trouble your having, the blades would have to be way out. Easiest way to check is to remove the serpentine belt and start engine to see if it runs smoother. Sizes from 2 to 8-inches. If the pulley goes bad, it can cause problems with cooling, charging, steering, and climate control. The idler pulley places tension on the drum belt to keep the belt from slipping on either the drive motor pulley or the drum itself. They weren't horrible, but they clearly weren't operating smoothing like pulleys should. This can lead to a rather loose pulley, unable to maintain the tension on  18 Oct 2016 In this video I explain how to test a bad idler pulley Disclaimer: Due to factors beyond the control of Oz Mechanics, I cannot guarantee against  29 May 2015 you have a faulty or failing idler/tensioner pulley on your vehicle's engine. Drain the fuel tank and fill it with fresh gasoline if the fuel is over 6 months old. Your pulley may wear out, slip, or be damaged altogether. Just a tiny movement here can cause that audible clicking. Also when the engine is running look at the other pulleys and see if they are running smooth. Aside from the pulley of your drive belt tensioner, the idler pulley can cause the serpentine belt to make noises too. Like most engine components, they wear out with age. Gates 90K-38178A Complete Serpentine Kit, 1 Jul 04, 2020 · You're right to assume that something else going on. Your serpentine belt is not the only component which can become misaligned. I have two problems on my 2000 Jetta 2. Chirping and squealing can be from a lose belt also. However, I did notice that my car would begin create smoke from beneath the hood. Codes P0172 and P0175 pump failures and hydraulic tensioner idler pulley failures cause the same catastrophic failure. My motor mounts are good, they were replaced with OEM mounts about 50k ago. The tensioner and the belt might need to be replaced. As it wears further, the noise will sound like a loud scraping or thumping. what the **** does changing the oil have anything to do with a broken idler pulley? It's a ****ing pulley, it's not going to show an SES light. The GT500 service manual will list the part number. Mar 27, 2019 · Spark plug wires use heavy insulation to keep high voltage, in excess of 15,000 V, from “jumping to ground” instead of jumping the spark plug gap, but worn or broken insulation can cause weak spark or cylinder misfires and a rough idle. This can be especially apparent in certain humid conditions and in the rain. Be sure to check the clutch for rocks etc as well! Check belt for chunks missing. Look at all the other pulleys. Rough idling can be cause by a couple of things, vacuum leak somewhere in the intake, a dirty throttle body. 8 Jan 2016 A broken or seized pulley can quickly lead to a torn belt, or in less serious cases, the belt falling off of the engine. Just last weekend, i started hearing squeaking from the engine compartment, and fearing another shredded belt, we packed up and headed in. This would be very dangerous at high speeds on a winding road. So I took the deck off, beat the bolt back straight with a hammer, and applied JB weld all around the seams. My initial thought was that the idler was knocked loose, so removed the deck and tightened the idler pulley spindle/nut, as there was some upwards/downwards motion to the deck idler arm when I shook it by hand. I went back and ensured all wiring clips were fully seated on the injector housings. When mine started making a noise I purchased both pulley types, pulled the belt off then spun the pulleys by hand to identify the noisy one (you can feel and hear the bad bearing) and replaced the one that was shot. In some instances a bad No. Aug 20, 2016 · Even had a friend, former Honda dealer mechanic, come over and verify timing marks. engine runs rough at a low idle and when gas applied it bogs down with a rich gas smell to exhaust. Reply. Dec 12, 2016 · Re: Rough idle in 5. Mar 03, 2015 · I recently started to hear a squeaky/rattling noise coming from the belt area of my 02 Ford Taurus. This can be due to a worn out belt, a bad belt tensioner or a worn or frozen a worn suspension component and happen on rough roads, speed bumps or when If a pulley is misaligned or seized it will rub on the edge of the belt causing this With the engine at idle speed you can open this bleeder and allow fluid to run  Though each belt could be replaced individually, these cars experienced inconsistent or Broken hoses and belts are bad; a damaged engine is even worse. The new pulley has a bearing with improved cold temperature performance characteristics. If you are not experiencing any rough running at off idle, it has to be something which would only affect it at idle, or it could be slight enough that you are not feeling it above idle. Oct 03, 2020 · 1. my 08 2. In addition to idler pulley misalignment, there can also be a noisy idler pulley or tensioner bearing. When you are at speed, the throttle is open from the accelerator pedal under your foot. Both idler pulleys should be the same (01's have two as well?). I had the same problem. Unfortunately, the cause of "rough idle" is a rabbit hole of issues. Nov 25, 2019 · Top 3 Reasons for Idler Pulley Noise. tensioner, or idler pulley. If the spring is in place you can lower the idler bracket to clean it. The issue will eventually worsen as the pulley continues to wear. This noise is typically caused by a mechanical problem, either a worn auto-tensioner or idler pulley. Idle speed would dip down to 500 RPM then cause a good shudder. You can also expect your idle speed to jump up and down. Jul 04, 2010 · This is the third tensioner pulley that has gone bad. Mar 13, 2017 · Mercedes-Benz V6 and V8 engines had timing chain problems caused by balance shaft and idler gear failures. Maybe it was due to the crank hub causing the belt not to ride in the right location on the idler creating forces unevenly. Sometimes the idler pulley can begin to rattle a bit, the noise is most often associated with the the idle pulley damper mounts. ***8221; I was also able to talk to the tech who worked on my car. I am not really good with cars so I did some research online. bad injectors and bad coils, although my experience would suggest taking If they really recommended an idler pulley to cure a rough idle, then  If you are not experiencing any rough running at off idle, it has to be something which would only affect it at idle, or it could be slight enough that you are not  Bad bearings make a high pitched “whine” or “growling” noise after the engine Misalignment of the timing belt can cause premature failure of the idler pulley or  3 Oct 2020 It is not necessarily always the idler pulley itself that causes noise The most common defect found on the pulley is worn bearings inside the pulley. The third pulley lasted 200 miles. Oct 03, 2020 · If the sensor sends incorrect values, it can cause a lean or rich mixture and cause rough idling. Jul 21, 2013 · I am opening this old thread to post my issue that seems to be related to a belt tensioner or idler pulley. Other possible causes of pulley noise can be ruled out by removing the belt and rotating each pulley by hand. The probable cause is a tilted idler pulley mounting surface, causing the edge of the timing belt to rub against the side of the pulser flange on the drive pulley. If you have a worn out idler pulley, the belt isn’t secured/holding properly, resulting in a squealing noise coming from the engine. Noticeable hesitation when starting from a stop, engine seemed fine when under load or above 1000 RPM. Sep 20, 2010 · The Idle Control Actuator is what controls the engine idle. Use with lat belts, poly-V-belts, cog belts or back side of V-belts. Go troll back in your own section of the forum. I'd run a couple of bottles of injector cleaner through it just in case it's #2. Mercedes produced certain models with defective gears in their balance shafts (M272 engines) or with defective idle gears ( M273 engines). The noise is kind of a Belt installed backwards (30 Series Only - Flat side goes towards engine) 2. Because it is! Personally I'd check to see if the alternator is providing the right amount of voltage. The noise is emanating from beneath the timing belt cover as far as I can tell. I put a new serpentine belt on and it is now within the specified range but the tensioner itself and idler pulley are bouncing still and making the squeaking noise. Apr 16, 2014 · * Her tensioner pulley and or the entire tensioner assembly seems to be bad. https://www. I have no idea what its called. Symptoms. It lost its holding power and was causing a rough idle because tensioner was bouncing on the belt causing cycles of slack and over tension. If you don't know jack shit about first gens or 2nd gens, don't post. I replaced that two weeks ago. the engine is running at idle, it should move smoothly along the system. The dryer pulley, commonly called the idler pulley, keeps the dryer drive belt under tension as the belt wraps around the dryer drum. Could be the idler, but the squeeking could be coming from the belt. Steel flat idler pulleys and plastic sheaves for replacement OEM parts. You can spray belt dressing on the belt to quite it up but it is in your best interest to replace the belt. 30 Jul 2014 Pulley misalignment; Improper installation; Belt ribs extremely worn; Worn pulley pulleys that are difficult to rotate (i. May 17, 2018 · You can see the video below of what I'm talking about. The pulley wheel Apr 06, 2013 · 2003 VDC Outback 3. One of the most common problems of a faulty alternator is a loosened belt. It still could be the tensioner pulley or a worn belt. Can a loose timing belt cause rough idle Jul 04, 2010 · This is the third tensioner pulley that has gone bad. ( you can see in the videos) * In the last video, while the car is in drive ( and ebrake on for my safety) you can see how I cause changes in the vibrations on parts in the engine compartment. This part is designed to route the drive belt and keep it tight. Bearing Damage . A worn idler pulley can also cause uneven cuts and mower deck vibration, so check the idler pulley if you notice these symptoms. Their being smooth is the way that they are designed. Actually had the part under his counter. On the way home from work the pulsing lights stopped but then started again so it has become intermittent. 20 Apr 2011 I've just noticed that car's making rough idle(vibration) and a bit of rattling noise. Idler pulley In a belt drive system, idlers are often used to alter the path of the belt, where a direct path would be impractical. We have compiled a list of the fastest moving Bad Boy parts so you can get what you need and get back to work. and we'll look at some of the problems that a worn belt can cause. Can a loose timing belt cause rough idle. Drive Belt Idler Pulley Spacer by Hayden®. Jan 07, 2016 · A bad pulley can cause fraying on the edges of the belt, and in severe cases can even cause it to break. The noise when away when he was pushing on the right one. Jul 25, 2011 · I know all of the rough idle that engine itself can make. Another cause of erratic idle is the exhaust gas recirculating in to the intake. Bearing locked up and burned the pulley up. I replaced the idler myself and the tensioner took a lot of muscle in order to take the belt off the idler pulley. If there is dirt, or other debris packed into the grooves, clean them out with the tip of a small screwdriver or pick. Can A Bad Alternator Cause High Idle Mar 28, 2012 · Needs to be corrected. on or off the pedal). You can get a new pulley and the special tool to change it for less then the price of However, at one of the stop lights the idle became rough again and this time the Is is possible that a bad regulator could cause the alternator to surge enough to . So I raise deck and stop blades. Low cylinder compression causes a rough running engine. Oct 27, 2014 · During repair i noticed the idler pulley (not the tensioner) bearings were very rough. Husqvarna Idler Pulleys. Oct 30, 2005 · Cause This condition may be caused by the bearing in the idler pulley. If the dampener is not able to control the tensioner arm, it can cause  rough idle - when i am driving it runs perfect but when it is stopped or put it park it Rough idling can be cause by a couple of things, vacuum leak somewhere in the the clicking and it sounded like a possible bad bearing on an idler pulley. This, in turn, may cause a rough idle and possibly set a P0300 random misfire code and/or lean or rich codes. Then earlier this week, after hearing a bit of a squeal from the Idler Pulley and Belt Tensioner, replaced the Drive Belt, Idler Pulley and Belt Tensioner Assembly for the peace of mind (that was recommended by members here after the Harmonic Balancer/Crankshaft Pulley went). Its idling rough, hard to start when left sitting, and I got code P0172 and P0175. 0 OHV Tech 4. today but old one was not Jan 08, 2014 · Hello to all. If you just change the idler or the tensioner alone, it will cause the other component to go bad in a month or so. You can do that, but the idler and tensioner are not cheap as you will find out. Jan 08, 2016 · If the surface of the idler pulley wears, or the pulley seizes or binds it may cause the engine belt to squeal as a result of it rubbing against the surface of the pulley. It might be the cause of the drive belt speed/tension fluctuations. Disadvantages of Time-sharing operating systems are as follows −. 1991 to 1995 Chrysler Mini-Vans Idler Pulley. Belt-driven accessories fail A seized or loose drive belt tensioner can cause the Aug 26, 2011 · im new here and new neon owner and was wondering what would cause a low idle and rough shake in drive when in park or neutral it goes away. Both Gates and Dayco have replacements. I'm curious though, could a bad drive belt or pulley  5 Nov 2018 Whirring sound: defective bearing in tensioner pulley or idler pulley. Mar 27, 2008 · [ i call it an idler pulley cause all the manual's i've seen for the sentra se-r show the name, just no part number ] i've read i can just order one for a '92 sentra se-r (2. D. and spin the wheels when cold, the bad bearing will have some rough spots, or wobble. Cars with Carbureted Engine. 2 L Idle Problems 2 Answers. The difference is that an idler rotates freely around bearings at its center, while a pulley will have a notch (or some other device) to fix it to a shaft that it rotates around. Sounds to me like a bad bearing, but they think it's in the power steering mechanism. A faulty EGR is most common reason for erratic idle. It makes your car or truck feel like things just aren't right, and it can draw unwanted attention at stop lights and in grocery store parking lots. In this video I explain how to test a bad idler pulley Disclaimer: Due to factors beyond the control of Oz Mechanics, I cannot guarantee against improper use SOURCE: Can a bad idler pulley on a 1997 saturn with a 1. Replaced the distributor thinking that would fix Chances are that you have a bad belt or a bad pulley in the serpentine belt system. Dayco 89150 Idler Pulley. Rough idling refers to the intense vibrations that occur when the car slows down or is stopped when the engine is running. Without the drive belt, the alternator will not be able to charge the battery. Another common symptom of a possible issue with the idler pulley is squealing from the engine belts. Nov 27, 2017 · This situation can also turn on your check engine light, with a lean-mixture trouble code triggered in the engine computer. Dec 01, 2015 · Ford Ranger Forum - Forums for Ford Ranger enthusiasts! > Engine Tech Forum > 6-Cylinder Tech > 4. com notes the average cost of labor will range anywhere from $77 to $186, whereas the parts can cost $42 to $86. 5 Dec 2019 If the timing belt were to break or become worn out, then it would limit of completely breaking the belt (if it hasn't already fallen off its pulley). Some other causes of a rough idle. Aug 20, 2010 · Check the pulleys again for rocks, seeds etc. It reminds me of when you need to replace plugs & wires (kinda). These parts will wear out over time and have to be replaced. It may of been under the belt when you looked. The bearings on which the alternator rotates can also be at fault and hinder the alternator from providing an optimal performance. When the AC kicks in, the engine will drop some RPM, and the actuator opens to allow more air into the engine. Jan 24, 2018 · The alternator pulley is one of several devices driven by the serpentine belt (driven by the engine crankshaft), which also may include the AC compressor, the power steering pump, and the water pump. Just a little pressure on the side of the pulley was enough to change its alignment. Mar 06, 2012 · I'm at 81K miles with the original belts/idler-pulleys though the belt doesn't look like it's in bad condition. A newly designed idler pulley is available from Service Parts Operations. Here's a pic - hope yours is the same: I ordered the incorrect ones from RockAuto - they were swapped out quickly on a return. The engine sensors get damaged while the valves get faulty. Generally, this indicates that the tensioner or idler is not attached to the mounting location on the engine correctly or the bearings for the A compression test would be the natural first step for checking this possibility, It's also possible that you have inconsistent belt tension as the engine rotates due to a bad idler pulley or bad bearings in the water pump, alternator, AC compressor, power steering pump, etc. A bad pulley may create plenty of troubles, affecting the serpentine belt and accessories connected to that belt. There was a change made to the dusts seals to help correct this problem in newer C5's. Noise Cause #8 — Idler Pulley. Now, It is louder and the check engine light came on once. I cannot, however, find anything that sounds like my problem. Wear on a single component is rare and more than likely a worn tensioner, idler or pulley will cause or contribute to excessive belt wear — not just age. Can cause idle issues. It will cause the idle speed to randomly fluctuate to different speeds rather than stay at one constant speed. The pulley and serpentine belt are responsible for transmitting power to certain components including the alternator. it's Bad fuel causes a rough-running engine. Belt-driven accessories fail. Since then, it will run for between 30 seconds and 2 minutes before Especially the first one of the throttle body. when the idler pulley went as my daughter was driving, it allowed the belt to jump one notch causing the original rough idle & check engine light. Water filters Husqvarna Idler Pulleys. I'd like to add this back and I already ordered a new one for the AC from Wits End, but I'm not sure if it's the same part for both and I'm also not sure how it A seized or seizing idler pulley can sometimes cause a rough idle because it puts more load on the engine at idle. Perhaps one of the tensioner/pulley went bad after replacing fan clutch. Alternatively the bearing can collapse causing the idler pulley to run off centre which will then tend to cause the other 'driven' pulleys to either chew up the drive belt or fling it off entirely. Jun 29, 2006 · Here are some possible causes: 1. Any rough edges should be filed smooth with a fine cut file. You can replace the alternator pulley at any time so don't let it prevent you from driving the car. If it is bad then yes but it spins freely in 1 direction and catches in the other with the alternator shaft counterheld (use a stick to hold the fan inside), then it sounds like it's good. Misalignment of the timing belt can cause premature failure of the idler pulley or the pulley on the tensioner, as well as the belt. New plugs, wires, rotor, cap, fuel filter and pcv valve. The tensioner pulley might be different from them. Also, when I am driving down the street and get out of gear (put the car in neutral), the car will try to die. Below is a description of each of these causes in the order that you can expect them to occur. Idler Pulley. Kind of a very loud whirring or hum. A bad idler pulley can cause the serpentine belt to come off. Replaced the Harmonic Balander (Crankshaft Pulley) a few months back. If it spins too easily - there’s probably not enough lubrication left in it. BRAND. Items per Page. Picasa Web Albums - Neville - Idler Pulley Thanks for the help guys. 1-24 of 1939 Results. A faulty idler pulley can cause noise and a loose tensioner arm can cause belt slipping but other than having a similar name, it The purpose of the idler pulley is to ensure the belt is routed around the engine components smoothly and without obstructions. I'm not sure if you can get away with replacing just the pulley or if the belts were contributing to the noise, I just replaced the belts while I was at it cause they looked crappy. Then the CEL came on. Also consider the ‘over-running alternator pulley’. But it only happens when the engine is idling. Most dryers have two pulleys: the motor pulley and the idler pulley. May 12, 2020 · Since the idle air control valve is supposed to manage the idle speed of the engine, a bad valve will certainly throw that out of whack. It's not so obvious with the hood up when the rest of the engine can be heard more loudly. The rpms at idle seem normal and it doesn't feel like a low idle, cause it feels more like a slight miss. My guess is that you're looking at around a $300 repair unless the original issue has something to do a larger seized component like the power steering pump or alternator. So it has got to be one of the mechanical parts. 2) Engine mount Oct 03, 2020 · It is not necessarily always the idler pulley itself that causes noise from the belt. Hope this helped. What is giving me problems is that it does not idle rough, especially when cold. For example, drive until warm, park, restart truck after 1-3 hours. 0 and am just trying to figure out if they are correlated. I ordered a new pulley and it should be here today. Failure: When the pulley seizes, the serpentine belt will likely come off and you will lose power steering along with all other belt driven systems. poor pulley alignment, improper tension adjustment or a worn-out automatic tensioner. 3 when at temp. 0 SOHC / 4. Dec 22 2016, 9:56pm Belt and pulleys don't alarm me, i will probably replace them because the idler pulley is looking a little too rusty for my taste. This isnt my idler pulley. Tech / General Engine - Rough Idle, loud squealing noise. Rough/Jumpy Idle. When you hear a noise coming from the idler pulley, it can usually be attributed to one of three causes. com/4diyers/ What components can cause  5 Jul 2007 A faulty idler pulley can cause noise and a loose tensioner arm can are several things that can cause your 1993 Nissan 300 to idle rough. Another symptom Jan 26, 2019 · We said that the idler pulley should be able to route the engine drive belt in its correct loop. Does this appear to be a worn belt tensioner or some other idler pulley issue? Car had had a slight roughness for a few weeks. Apr 14, 2007 · With the engine running, my mechanic friend pushed on the idler pulleys one at a time with a screwdriver blade until he found the one that was bad. A bad pulley can cause fraying on the edges of the belt, and in severe cases can even cause it to break. Also, where that bracket pivots corrosion can build up and cause this problem. I'm going to replace the notched belts that the PO put on as they are finally starting to wear, and it looks like they also removed the idle pulley (wasn't aware this was a thing). Hi, About 2 weeks ago, I started noticing a bad "grinding" noise. Now the battery could  4 Jun 2015 Even after a short drive, it can get hot enough under the hood to bake biscuits. Nov 05, 2018 · Whatever's causing the growling (and it could be something like a bad water pump, idler pulley or alternator), I suspect it's unrelated to the other issues. The pulley bearings should be ruled out first because loose bearings can also cause such a noise. A bad pulley can be replaced in no time with the correct tools. The oscillation may be hard to test because it can occur at different RPMs and different load conditions (i. Can A Bad Belt Cause Rough Idle About 9 months ago i'd hear the noise just after starting the car and within about 5 mins the noise would go away. A damaged idler pulley often has lots of cracks form until it breaks apart entirely. Replace the deck idler pulley if it's worn or broken. 88. 6L engines can also tend to be noisy, producing a light knocking sound at idle. He said that the issues the car was having where only at idle, and would most likely be caused by too much oil or dirty fuel injectors. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. Oct 22, 2012 · Hey guys, a while ago my idler pulley bolt on my riding mower got loose and bent the other way which caused the idle pulley to wobble from side to side, which started to shred some belts. Mar 31, 2007 · Try putting a washer on the bolt to act as a spacer and see if that helps any. Before knowing the danger of a worn-out idler pulley, you should know about the symptoms to Oct 24, 2020 · What are the symptoms of a bad idler pulley? Idler pulleys are made up of plastic or metal so it is understandable that they wear off overtime. In some instances a bad pulley may bind or slip and cause the belt to squeal when the engine is first started. engine with 104000km. It idles rough not really bad but enough to hear it. The idler pulley is another one of the pulleys which help keep the serpentine belt moving. An idler pulley, idler arm and idler arm spring put tension on the mower deck drive belt of a zero-turn riding lawnmower. Jul 30, 2014 · Insure all accessory pulleys and brackets are tightened snug to mounting surfaces; Inspect and replace all accessories / pulleys that are difficult to rotate (i. 0L sr20det) but nissan swears up and down you can't get an idler pulley for it and that the belt should go around the power steering pump, ac, adn crank. (it has passage ways that allow for idle when the throttle is closed, if those passage ways are dirty it can affect the idle, car might idle too low and even stalls) or it could be just the engine mounts are bad and you are mistaking the extra vibration as a rough idle. Get it as soon as Fri, Oct 16. Luckily, there aren't too many things that can cause what's commonly referred to as a fast idle problem. can a bad idler pulley cause rough idle

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